Thinking about Buying a Home?

Thinking about Buying a home in Metro Detroit? As a programmer, I programmed you direct access to the Multiple Listing Service. Modify your search so you can find THE ONE. #1 problem with finding your home, is you’re searching by price not features. We’ll help you Buy Your Ideal Home 

Tips for Buying a Home in Metro Detroit MI
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Step #1 ~ Live 3-Year Graph for Home Prices and Trends by City

💥 Important 💥 This is Where You Track Home Prices and Housing Inventory Levels (Supply and Demand) updated monthly by the 15th. You have direct access to all data from the Multiple Listing Service because I programmed it that way 🤩

Whether you are Home Buying or Home Selling, this should be your starting point. Remember, the numbers in the graph and trends represent your moneySpend less when buying and make more when you sell.

As a programmer, you have full access to everything in the multiple listing service on my website. You don’t need a realtor to access the data. Before you start working through the 5 steps, start with understanding the difference between Price-Driven Approach vs. Value-Driven Approach. It’s the only way you know your true Negotiation Power

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