Metro Detroit Home Experts Home Review - Stacey P

Metro Detroit Home Experts Review – Stacey P.

Review for Metro Detroit Home Experts – Pam Sawyer at Team Tag It Sold 

Without Pam Sawyer from Metro Detroit Home Experts helping me through this very difficult time… I don’t think our house would have been sold.  The big “D” on top of the pandemic sent me over the edge emotionally.  She does more than just sell a house.  She’s an advisor and helped me think through the process so I was making good decisions.  She was stuck in the middle between X and lawyers and didn’t take sides and got the job done to everyone’s amazement.  I can’t recommend or thank Pam Sawyer for all the help she has provided us over the years. She sold our first house in 2000 and 3 more since then. I don’t think another agent could have done what she did for us. Not only working through all the drama, but she also found us a buyer in less than a week. I don’t know all the specifics, but her advertising was amazing and the communication and reports even better. She made it as painless as she possibly could, and everything fell into place. We have now moved on and love her for all she’s done❣

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