Metro Detroit Home Experts Home Review - Rob and Angie

Metro Detroit Home Experts Review – Rob and Angie

Review for Metro Detroit Home Experts – Pam Sawyer at Team Tag It Sold 

I called Pam Sawyer from Metro Detroit Home Experts on Easter Weekend.  The best way to describe Pam is her Patience and Determination!… We’ve had experiences with several realtors. Pam Sawyer truly goes above and beyond. We were inquiring about one of her properties and she took our call on a holiday weekend. We didn’t end up with that particular house, but we hired her as our agent because of her enthusiasm, knowledge, and promptness. She is the best. We were originally interested in a short sale. Many agents steer clients away. Not Pam. She was so knowledgeable. She works her butt off for her clients. We started looking in Macomb County and decided not to and went to the Howell area instead.  We had built such a great relationship and trust she continued to work with us even when she had to drive to the west side.  She truly wanted the best home for us no matter how much work it created for her.   We purchased our dream home with a pool and could not be happier! She is phenomenal!!!!!


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