Metro Detroit Home Experts Review - Kuron Family

Metro Detroit Home Experts Review – Kuron Family

Review for Metro Detroit Home Experts – Pam Sawyer at Team Tag It Sold 

I meet Pam Sawyer from Metro Detroit Home Experts at an Open House. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent… My wife and I had been looking for a home on our own for about three months when we ran into Pam Sawyer at one of her listings. We went out a few times looking at houses and of course Kathy and I couldn’t agree on what we wanted.  After a few months, she found the perfect home for us on Softwater Woods. It wasn’t in an area we were actively looking, and Pam knew this would be a tremendous financial benefit for us and checked all our boxes and more.  We loved the place with one drawback…it was a bank-owned property with multiple offers, and we had 48 hours to come up with our best offer.  Her plan worked, and we won.  Pam worked with us, the bank owning the property in California, our bank, the county, home inspectors, and the title company to close the property within 45 days. We have highly recommended Pam to family and friends to their satisfaction.  Subsequently, my wife and I had a home that we used as rentals because the market wasn’t that great. One was in Royal Oak and the other in Shelby Twp.  Pam was watching the market and contacted when it was time to sell. The 1st house was in Shelby Twp., and in late fall, we sold in Royal Oak.  Both properties sold quickly and for top dollar.  We later suffered the horrible loss of my parents, and we needed to sell the property in Shelby Twp & it was in probate. I was the trustee, and she helped us through the technical and emotional side of selling this house.  Again, Pam didn’t disappoint as she worked through the probate process and other drama with siblings and got our property sold quickly and closed painlessly.   She is our Realtor for Life, as she always knows how to get the job done!


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