How to Market Your House for More Money💲🏡🎥

If you’re considering selling your house, you need a strong marketing plan. We’ll discover how to Market Your House for More Money in Metro Detroit.

How to Market Your House for Sale for More Money in Metro Detroit| Team Tag It Sold

Discover How To Market Your House for More Money

I recently found a blog post about how to market your home for more money, and I was disappointed by the advice. Unfortunately, the recommendations, listed and graphed, are what many real estate agents are taught today in Metro Detroit. The focus was on exposure (getting the house seen) rather than influence (making buyers act). Simply relying on exposure means competing on price alone with other homes on the same public platforms. Here are some recommendations from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) that I think missed the mark. We need to take your marketing and advertising to a new level to ensure you are not leaving money on the table for the buyer. 

  • Listing on the MLS: Sharing data on public platforms can do more harm than good. I call this “post and pray” marketing, hoping the right buyer appears.
  • Having a yard sign: Good for buyers looking in specific neighborhoods, but it has limited reach.
  • Open houses: Only effective if advertised and marketed as a significant event. 
  • Showcasing on an agent’s website: Useful only if the website is a marketing distribution tool. Few buyers visit agent websites on their own.
  • Providing virtual tours is a great idea, but they should also include floor plans, professional photos, and aerial views of the exterior.
  • Social media posts: Posting alone won’t find a buyer. Social media ads work if you know how to use the algorithms in your favor.

Unlocking the Secrets of Influence over Exposure

To market your house for more money in Metro Detroit, you must understand the difference and importance of Exposure and Influence. Influencing buyers is crucial when marketing a home for sale. Unlike mere exposure, which ensures you get a lot of eyes on your house, influencing buyers creates an emotional connection and demonstrates the property’s value. By telling a compelling story and using strategic marketing techniques, you help buyers imagine living in your home, making them more likely to act. Relying solely on exposure can result in a passive approach that doesn’t fully leverage the potential to turn interest into offers. You must use effective influence to market your house for more money in Metro Detroit. By applying influence, you can differentiate a home in a crowded market, leading to higher offers and quicker sales.

Boost Your Home’s Value: The Power of Tech Marketing and Advertising

I utilize various tech tools, including ChatGPT and other AI technologies, to market your house for more money in Metro Detroit. As a certified Web Developer and Social Media Producer, I will highlight a few proven skills that will elevate marketing your house in Metro Detroit above your competition.
1. Professional Photography and Videography
  1. Video Tours: Create virtual tours and walkthrough videos with stabilizers or gimbals for smooth footage. Include aerial shots using drones for a unique perspective.
  2. High-Resolution Images: Use professional-grade cameras to capture high-quality images of the home. Ensure proper lighting and staging to highlight the best features.
2. Leverage Our Website as a Powerhouse:
    • Showcase High-Quality Photos and Virtual Tours: Professional photos and 360-degree virtual tours make your listing stand out and attract serious buyers.
    • Create a Dedicated Landing Page: Design a specific page for your property with detailed descriptions, floor plans, and unique features to captivate potential buyers.
    • Provide Real-Time Updates: To maintain interest, keep your audience informed with the latest updates on open house schedules, price changes, and property status.
3. Social Media Marketing Mastery:
      • Engage Across Multiple Platforms: Utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a diverse audience. Share posts, stories, and live videos to showcase your property dynamically.
      • Use Instagram Stories and Reels: Highlight key features of your home in short, engaging clips. Stories and Reels can quickly capture the attention of potential buyers.
      • Interact with Followers: Respond to comments and messages promptly to build rapport with interested buyers and encourage them to take the next step.
4. Boost Visibility with Retargeting Ads:
    • Implement Retargeting Campaigns: Use retargeting ads to remind visitors of your property, keeping it top-of-mind. These ads appear to people who have already shown interest, increasing the chances of a sale.
    • Customize Ads Based on Behavior: Tailor your ads to your audience’s interests and behaviors to enhance engagement and click-through rates.
    • Utilize Multiple Platforms: Leverage Google Ads and Facebook Ads for broad coverage and precise targeting.
5. Engage with Chatbots and Chat GPT:
    • Integrate a Chatbot on Your Website: Offer 24/7 assistance to visitors, answering common questions and instantly providing information about the property.
    • Use Chat GPT for Detailed Responses: Employ advanced AI like Chat GPT to handle complex inquiries and offer personalized responses, enhancing the buyer’s experience.
  • Responding immediately and accurately to inquiries will improve buyer interaction. This will help maintain buyer interest and streamline the decision-making process.
6. Utilize Online Marketplaces:
      • List on Popular Platforms: To reach a wider audience, ensure your property is listed on major real estate sites like Zillow,, and Redfin.
      • Optimize Listings with Details and Images: Include comprehensive information about your property and high-quality images to attract potential buyers.
      • Respond Promptly to Inquiries: Quick and informative responses to questions can keep potential buyers engaged and interested.
6. Analyze and Adapt Marketing Strategies:
    • Track Campaign Performance: Use analytics tools to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, such as website traffic, social media engagement, and ad performance.
    • Adjust Based on Insights: Refine your strategies based on the data to improve results. This might include changing ad targeting, updating website content, or shifting social media tactics.
    • Stay Ahead of Market Trends: Regularly update your knowledge of the latest real estate marketing trends to ensure your strategies remain effective and competitive.


Are You Curious About What You Could List Your House For? Find Out⤵️

Step #1 ~

We need a neutral starting point. I recommend getting your instant home valuation report. Put in your address, and you’ll receive a price recommendation. Then move on to step #2. 

Step #2 ~

Now you have a general range. Scroll through the carousel and find your City. Next, you’ll access my multiple listing service system through a bridge I created for you. You can look up what homes are selling for, not estimates. I have provided a helpful how-to video so you can search like a Realtor. 

Macomb County Sold Home Prices

Oakland County Sold Home Prices

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Wow 😮, there’s so much to consider when selling your home in Metro Detroit! If you need help understanding how to market your house for more money in Metro Detroit or going over the Sold Data, let’s schedule a Zoom call. We’ll go over all the information and make sense of it together. I’ll share my screen, giving you a clear view of the market insights to help you make informed decisions and get the best price for your home. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have more insights on marketing your house for more money in Metro Detroit. The right real estate agent can make all the difference in getting more money for your home. An innovative marketing plan that influences buyers will make your home stand out from the competition. If you’re ready to sell but don’t know where to start, let’s schedule an appointment and weigh your options. I have lots of ways you can contact me and ask questions. (em il scroll down or messenger bottom right) I’m here to help you navigate the process and get the best price for your home.

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