Metro Detroit Home Prices & Trends by City

It’s important to understand Metro Detroit MI Home Prices and Trends by City Search. Keep in mind, that the numbers do represent your money Education will be key as we shift into Real Estate Housing Market changes in 2023. . 

Metro Detroit Housing Prices & Trends by City - Year End 2022 | Team Tag It Sold

Metro Detroit Home Prices and Trends ~ January 2023~ Year End for 2022

I’ve provided a detailed video regarding the housing market and how you can benefit from all the tools on this page. Whether you’re selling or buying real estate now or later, I recommend keeping up to date and protecting your real estate investment.  It’s essential to follow the Housing Market Trends for Metro Detroit and know The Market You’re In, and it’s the only way you’ll know your true Negotiation Power. 

Follow  the 5 Steps Below

We will break down the monthly data from the jobs report, experts’ opinions & your  3-year live trends by city, and price range.  

Macomb Co Mi & Oakland Co. MI Market Updates Jan 2023 | Team Tag It Sold

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Oct. Data ~ Click to Enlarge

Sept. Data ~ Click to Enlarge

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July Data ~ Click to Enlarge

Year over Year by County 

Macomb County November 2022

Macomb County Home Prices & Trends Year End 2022

Oakland County November 2022

Oakland County Mi Housing Market Prices & Trends Year End 2022

Macomb  County Trends

Turn Phone to View Graph ~ 3-year Trends all Price Ranges ~ Residential & Condo’s

Oakland County Trends

Turn Phone to Review Graphs ~ 3-year Trends ~ All Price Ranges ~ Residential & Condo’s. 

Metro Detroit Home Prices & Trends Overview

In both Macomb and Oakland, we’ve seen a steady increase in homes available for sale. (Inventory)  The month’s supply (how long it would take to sell all the homes available for sale) has increased month over month and still reflects a strong sellers’ market. 

How to Tell What Market We're in Metro Detroit MI

Mero Detroit MI Home Prices & Trends by City Year End 2022 | Team Tag It Sold

💥 Important 💥 Step #2 ~ Your Local Data By City ~ Price Range and Inventory Levels

1. It’s important to know what is going on in the Market by county overall. Then take a deep dive into your City Trends broken down into $50k increments ~ Non-waterfront & Waterfront. 

2. It will be important moving forward to know where the market is heading by reviewing Supply and Demand as this will reflect if home prices are going up or down. The increased mortgage rates will change the Buyers’ Purchasing Power. I recommend watching the Mortgage Rates ~ Monday Update Below 👍

3. To keep up to date by visiting my website blog post ~ Simplifying Real Estate. You can also request 🏡 Chat! News You Can Use ~ Newsletter.

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Macomb County Home  Prices and Trends by  City ~Scroll 

Live 3-year trends by Price and Months Supply of Homes for Sale by Price 👇

Oakland County  Home  Prices and Trends by  City ~Scroll 

Live 3-year trends by Price and Months Supply of Homes for Sale by Price 👇

Step #3 ~ Sold Home Custom Advance

I’m one of the few websites you can access SOLD information without a realtor.

I’ve also programmed you to access the Multiple Listing Service for your easy custom search options so you can target specific criteria or locations whether you’re Buying or Selling.  You’re able to access detailed information about the property just like a Realtor. Modify Search to add features and compare apples to apples. Any questions or Tech Support, Call or Text 📲 248-343-2459

Your 🔑 To Home Selling and Buying Success ~ Safe e-Guides

💥 Important 💥 Your Guides also have educational videos and links regarding where home prices are heading, mortgage rates, Housing Market Trends, and more.

Play Video about Home Buying and Home Selling Guides in Metro Detroit MI | Team Tag It Sold

Take Your Research to the Next Level ☝☝☝ Watch Video 

We’ve designed your safe downloadable PDF E-book Guides.  We have comprehensive strategies and tips for Millennials, Buying and Selling. Watch the video to take a sneak peek.

💥 Important 💥 National Housing Market Trends and  Predictions

Both Buyers and Sellers are questioning whether home values will be impacted. So, we’ll review important graphs and trends and future predictions based on those numbers. To keep up to date throughout the month request my Newsletter or Simplifying Real Estate Blog Post. 

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The Yo-Yo of Mortgage Rates & How to Plan

Yes, the mortgage rates are ugly. All the headlines regarding the economy and how to fix it is frustrating for everyone. It will be important to keep up to date so you can predict where mortgage rates are heading. (Video Provided)

This week’s Option for Discounted Mortgage Rates

  1. Independent Banks are using investors to replenish their cash for Mortgage Loans. Because they are not using The Fed’s money, they can set their own rates & points.
  2. Have a discussion with the lender regarding a 5 or 7-year arm. Rates are lower and you pay less in points as well.
  3. Different banks are offering special programs and you need to weigh out all your options. Be careful, you need to shop around to see if the programs are a great deal or if you would be better off with an independent lender.
  4. Some of the Big Box Banks don’t have private investors and use the Fed’s money only. Some have started a new program where the Seller can buy down the rate for the Buyer. I have an example below of what that would look like. The example, the seller’s concession would be $8,916.00. That’s the amount the buyer would save over the 2 years. Keep in mind, I’m building a list of discount lenders and we can share it with the buyer of your home. You can make it a Win ~ Win because it helps build value, and keeps the buyer focused on your home and not your competition.

2-1 Buydown Mortgage Rates | Team Tag It Sold

 Marketing How to Sell Your Home for More Money

💥 Important 💥 Know how to separate your home from the competition

I’ll walk you through each step on how to use Influence to Sell for Top Dollar 💰 vs. Post and Pray on Price. Post and Pray rely on exposure only from the Multiple Listing Service, Zillow, and Realtor. Com’s.

The only way you are going to compete with the other homes for sale on these platforms is by price, not value. Even in a Sellers’ Market, Marketing your Home is very 💥important💥 Think Amazongetting your home in front of buyers looking for what you are selling. You need to stay in front of all potential buyers. They may not even know they want to move. I’ve sold many homes over the years to buyers who weren’t looking or planning to move. So, they were not working with a realtor or going on the public website either. They saw the home in a marketing campaign, saw the value, and paid top dollar because the home was perfect for them. The right Marketing and Advertising are essential to influence buyers = more money. 💰

Will Inflaton Cause a Housing Market Crash in 2023

These crazy headlines have been doing more harm than good. First ~ I have a detailed video and blog post on 1. We’ll review if we are in a Housing Bubble 2. What caused the crash last time? 3. What’s different this time than last time?

The next step is to click the button below and look at the current trends and graphs. If want a deeper dive into the housing market by County and City, then visit the Metro Detroit Housing Market Prices and Trends below and video provided. You can review the live 3-year trends regarding Home Prices and Inventory Levels.

Bottom-line ~ Metro Detroit Home Prices and Trends

I research and journal in my blog post regarding real estate buying & selling strategies and market trends every day.

Simplifying Real Estate Through Educations - Metro Detroit MI | Team Tag It Sold

Simplifying Real Estate Through Education

As we move forward, it’s been challenging as we navigated through all the changes. Take a peek into my crystal ball…review the Housing Market Prediction Report eGuide. Putting your dream of a new home on HOLD shouldn’t be one of them. Now more than ever, knowledge will be your power. Know the Market You’re In and your Negotiation Power. Check out Categories for additional updates regarding the Housing Market | Home Buying | Selling for More Money
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