Median Home Sales Price: Are Home Prices Dropping?

Number 1 question: Metro Detroit, are home prices dropping? In this blog post, we’ll break down the Median Home Sale Price in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll be able to track the trends by location like a pro🤯

Median Home Sale Prices Explained | Team Tag It Sold

What Does “Median Home Sale Price” Even Mean?

First up, let’s talk about the word “median.” Imagine lining up all the home prices from lowest to highest. The median is the middle number in that lineup. It gives you a snapshot of an area’s “typical” home price. It’s that simple!

Why is the Median Home Sale Price Important?

Understanding the median price is essential for both buyers and sellers. It provides a more accurate picture of what homes are selling for in Metro Detroit in a particular neighborhood or market segment. Unlike the average, which extremely high or low-priced homes can skew, the median is a reliable indicator of the typical price in an area.

National Association of Realtors Releases Report

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is about to release its latest Existing Home Sales (EHS) report, which tracks sales volume and pricing trends for pre-owned homes. In this upcoming report, you may notice a decrease in home prices, which can be perplexing given the prevailing notion that prices are rising.

The differing methodologies used in these reports are key to understanding this discrepancy. NAR focuses on the median home sales price, while other sources rely on repeat sales prices. This variation means NAR’s data may show a slight dip, even when other reports suggest an upward trend. Okay, so what is the repeat-sales method? Repeat-sales methods calculate changes in home prices based on sales of the same property, thereby avoiding the problem of trying to account for price differences in homes with varying characteristics.”

Awareness of these data nuances is crucial for making informed real estate decisions in Metro Detroit, whether you’re a potential home buyer or seller. Below, I give you direct access to the Multiple Listing Service so you can stay informed as you navigate your real estate journey.  

Navigating Today’s Median Home Sales Prices

Understanding home prices can be a puzzle with multiple pieces, and each approach offers a unique perspective. While median home sales price data, such as EHS, may suggest a decline, a closer look at repeat sales reports reveals an upward trend in property values.

Home Prices and Sold Properties in Metro Detroit

“Median prices can be misleading due to variations in property types. Viewing your city home prices and real estate trends by price range is essential. I’ve also provided Sold Properties by City. That way, you can gauge a general price based on property types, then view the City Trends by Price and see how that Home Price range is performing. If you want to sell your house, you can get a quick and instant home price report to help you with a starting point range. 

To illustrate this Point

Picture three coins in your pocket, lined up from lowest to highest value. Suppose you have one nickel and two dimes; the median value (the one in the middle) is 10 cents. But if you swap to two nickels and one dime, the median value becomes five cents.

How Median Home Prices work in Metro Detroit MI | Team Tag It Sold

In both cases, a nickel is still worth five cents, and a dime is still worth 10 cents. The value of each coin didn’t change.

The Ups and Downs

In today’s dynamic real estate landscape, it’s crucial to honestly look beyond the median home sales price to understand the market in Metro Detroit. While many buyers initially consider prices as a starting point to align with their budget, focusing on the monthly mortgage payment that comfortably fits your financial plan is essential. In times of higher mortgage rates, you might opt for a more affordable home to maintain a manageable monthly housing expense.

Median Home Price Shift

We’re witnessing a surge in the sale of “less-expensive” homes in Metro Detroit, leading to a decline in the median home sales price. However, this decline doesn’t imply that individual homes have lost value or home prices have gone down. 

Remember the bigger picture when you come across reports suggesting price drops in the media. Changes in the median home sales price reflect shifts in the types of homes sold, influenced by factors like affordability and prevailing mortgage rates. To validate if home prices are going up or down, return to the Sold Property data by property type. Review list price vs. sold price. Also, how long was the home on the market? Look at date data by one-year, six months, and 3-month price ranges. 

Macomb County Home Prices and Trends by City

Macomb County Sold Properties by City

Oakland County Home Prices and Trends by City

Oakland County Sold Properties by City

In conclusion

Let’s stay connected for a deeper insight into the trends and reports surrounding home prices. Your journey in the real estate market deserves well-informed decisions. I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Just give me a call, and we can work through the numbers together. 

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