Harrison Twp MI Home Prices and Trends

Before you buy a home or sell a home in Harrison Twp MI, then start with your Home Prices & Trends. 

Know Your Numbers... it's the only way you can protect your money!

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Harrison Twp MI Home Prices & Trends Year End for 2022

One of the ways you can protect your real estate investment is to know the “Is Know the Market You’re In.” We are closely monitoring the housing market trends in your area, and we know in advance when we will see a pivot back to a normal market by watching the housing market trends. It’s essential to strengthen your negotiation power to know the housing market regarding price and inventory. What we learned about the market before March 2020, you might as well through the data out the window; it’s useless.

Where to Start viewing Harrison MI Home Prices & Trends

The data is the average price range sold over 3-year housing market trends by City. I’ve broken the data down to 50k blocks and take your cursor to follow the graph line for details. The graph is a live feed and will update by the 15th of the month.

Step #1

Start with the price range you want to move from or move to. Move the cursor to follow the live trends. Just looking at the graph does not give you a  feel for the market.

Step #2

Next move to month supply on the market. Look at the same price range to see who has the advantage. Are the scales tipping toward the Buyer or Seller? In some cases, the market has just remained flat. We see more of a Sellers’ Market in most price ranges due to a lack of inventory.

Step #3

Scroll down to Month Supply on Market. This is important and will tell you how strong your negotiation power is.  

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General Homes Prices & Trends for Harrison Twp

Before you review your hyperlocal data below by price range, let’s check what is going on in your City year over year.

Harrison Twp MI Home Prices and  Trends Year End 2022 | Team Tag It Sold

Turn phone to review graphs ~ 3 Year Trends all Price Ranges ~ Residential & Condo’s

Housing Market Inventory ~ Months Supply of Homes for Sale

It’s important to know what market you’re in and how strong your negotiation power truly is. Are the Scales in the Seller’s or Buyer’s favor?  Prepare a plan in advance regarding your negotiation strength, and a strong mortgage approval will be crucial to your success.

Month Supply on Market Metro Detroit MI | Team Tag It Sold

💥 Important 💥Dial into Hyper-Local Home Prices ~ Trends and Inventory 

Details Average Price | Non-Waterfront

Live Feed, and you can follow the graph with your cursor.

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Month Supply on Market | Non-Waterfront

If no other homes came on the market, the month supply tells us how long it would take to sell all the homes.  It’s important to track new listings and how that is going to affect supply and demand.

Live Feed, and you can follow the graph with your cursor.

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Details Average Price | Waterfront

Live Feed, and you can follow the graph with your cursor.

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Month Supply on Market |Waterfront

If no other homes came on the market, the month supply tells us how long it would take to sell all the homes.  It’s important to track new listings and how that is going to affect supply and demand.

Live Feed, and you can follow the graph with your cursor.

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Live Feed Update

From the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

I recommend you review the full report and request updates sent to your email inbox to keep up to date as the information changes often. 


Find Out what Homes are Selling for in Harrison Twp. by price and custom criteria. 

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 Housing Market Predictions Report for October 2022 eGuide

💥 Important 💥 National & County Housing Market Trends and Predictions

So, what we knew in January-March 2020 was thrown out the window as the housing market changed drastically. Well, here we are in 2022 and getting ready for another housing market shift. 

First, I start with the National Level because that is what you hear on the news. Then you work your way through the County level so you can compare how Metro Detroit is measuring better or worse than the rest of the country.

Step #1 ~ Do You Homework to find the Best Lender and Program for You

💥 Important 💥 We’ve seen many changes lately with high mortgage rates and now lenders are designing special programs to help you and compete for your business… Great News!

I recommend keeping up to date weekly on mortgage rates and how to predict where they are heading. This week…” The Yo-Yo of Mortgage Rates and How toSave Money”

This week’s Option for Discounted Mortgage Rates

  1. Independent Banks are using investors to replenish their cash for Mortgage Loans. Because they are not using The Fed’s money, they can set their own rates & points.
  2. Have a discussion with the lender regarding a 5 or 7-year arm. Rates are lower and you pay less in points as well.
  3. Different banks are offering special programs and you need to weigh out all your options. Be careful, you need to shop around to see if the programs are a great deal or if you would be better off with an independent lender.
  4. Some of the Big Box Banks don’t have private investors and use the Fed’s money only. Some have started a new program where the Seller can buy down the rate for the Buyer. I have an example below of what that would look like. The example, the seller’s concession would be $8,916.00. That’s the amount the buyer would save over the 2 years. Keep in mind, I’m building a list of discount lenders and we can share it with the buyer of your home. You can make it a Win ~ Win because it helps build value, and keeps the buyer focused on your home and not your competition.

2-1 Buydown Mortgage Rates | Team Tag It Sold

Step #2 ~ Your 🔑 To Home Selling and Buying Success ~ Safe eGuides

💥 Important 💥 Your Guides also have educational videos and links regarding where home prices are heading, mortgage rates, Housing Market Trends, and more.

Home Buying and Home Selling Guides for Metro Detroit MI Winter 2023 | Team Tag It Sold
Play Video about Home Buying and Home Selling Guides for Metro Detroit MI Winter 2023 | Team Tag It Sold

Watch Video for Sneak Peak

Don’t muddle through the Home Buying and Selling Process. Buying a new home is a dream for all of us, and it’s an emotional and stressful process. It also involves the most significant financial transaction you probably will make in your lifetime.

Get Both Your Home Buying and Selling Guides

Your Buying Guide…will walk you through tips, strategies, and how to understand the numbers to strengthen your negotiation power.
Your Selling Guide…It will help you work through the selling process using the latest in high-tech market tools, so you make MORE Money. Our goal is to separate your home from the competition and keep Buyers focused on your house. The Selling Guide is very detailed and works step-by-step, so you’re guaranteed Top Dollar for your home.

Step #3 ~ 💥Search Better Than a Realtor💥 on a Platform that was Designed by One.

Find Your Ideal Home Here ~ Pre-loaded Home Search: Newly Listed ~ Coming Soon ~ SOLD ~ Luxury~ Waterfront ~ and More🤩

I’ve programmed the home search platform so you now have direct access to the Multiple Listing Service so you can search BETTER than a Realtor.

Custom Advance Search Options

Better yet, you can customize your features, tech support and you can schedule an appointment right online. To learn more about how to modify your search with our custom options…Watch Video Here. Create an account and save your favorites and email updates. Another huge feature you can modify and look for homes Coming Soon only, or view homes that have been on the market X number of days. Maybe a 1st floor primary bedroom or office is important. You can even search by lot features like Finished Basement ~ Golf Frontage ~ Water Frontage ~ Acreage ~ Large private treed lot ~ Cul-de-Sac and More.

Bottom Line: Harrison Twp MI Home Prices & Trends

I’m constantly updating all the Selling and Buying Tips and Tools to keep you updated, including changes in the Housing Market.

Simplifying Real Estate Through Educations - Metro Detroit MI | Team Tag It Sold

Simplifying Real Estate Through Education

As we move forward, it’s been challenging as we navigated through all the changes. Take a peek into my crystal ball…review the Housing Market Prediction Report eGuide. Putting your dream of a new home on HOLD shouldn’t be one of them. Now more than ever, knowledge will be your power. Know the Market You’re In and your Negotiation Power. Check out Categories for additional updates regarding the Market | Buying | Selling

Home Selling Tips - How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in Metro Detroit | Team Tag It Sold

If You Need To Sell 1st… I Recommend Doing This for MORE Money!

No 2 homes are alike, and agents need to 🛑 marketing ONE size fits all. We no longer have an exposure problem (internet). Your home is buried on public home search internet sites. The only way to compete on those platforms is the price. If you want more money, you need to apply Influence. Separate your home from the competition, so the Buyer sees value. Keeping them focused on your property and not getting lost in homes’ inaccurate data on public internet sites is necessary. Having digital omnipresence on serval platforms is your key to success. Remember MORE INFLUENCE = MORE 💰. We have details on how you can utilize High Tech Marketing and Win!

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Simplifying Real Estate ~ Blog

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